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Course Description

For an individual to qualify as an instructor or a skills assessor, they should have at least 100 hours of recent experience in the field they’re interested in instructing or assessing. Or, a combination of related skills and experience related to the topic would be acceptable upon review by Saga.

Course Contents and Prerequisites

Various forms and documents are provided for you to look through, sign and upload. After these are finished, SAGA will review your submission and provide you with a certificate with the approved course(s) you can assess or a request for more information.

You must also have successfully completed the”Power Mobile Course” through the Saga Training website and purchase at least one of the skills assessments.

Course Duration

In-Class Training – Full Day

Online – 1.5 Hours

Course Completion

After all documents have been reviewed, a Saga representative will contact you by phone to complete your course and provide you with details on your certificate.