About Us

Saga Universal Training Corp. may seem like a new training company, but it’s not; it is an evolution of Health and Safety Training. …Saga has been in its’ development phase for over 20 years in the mind of its founder. For more than 20 years, its’ founder has envisioned safety training extending beyond a traditional classroom setting. With the use of the internet, Saga is able to enable students to complete their training easily while saving time and money.

Saga has created a unique method for teaching safety training. Following the principles of adult education, Saga program content has been developed and maintained by Subject Matter Experts and content is designed to be relatable and easily understood by students. Using current and convenient technology such as a computer or smart device, an individual can take Saga safety training courses in the comfort of their home, at their workplace or when traveling. For individuals and employers who prefer a traditional classroom setting, The Saga programs are used by Saga-approved Training Partners across the country. See a Training Partner near you; most of the Saga Training courses are complemented by practical skills assessment that can be completed by one of our Training Partners or an In-House Trainer.

Its founder, Dean Taylor had a humble start as a First Aid Instructor and Firefighter in Lake Louise, Alberta, and now Dean supports one of the largest Training Companies in Edmonton, Western Canada Fire and First Aid in Edmonton, and is an integral component of Saga, a National Training Company that offers training material and training. The Saga team wants to continue to push the evolution of Training for the sake of the workers and employers safety. “Knowledge is power “is more than a saying for us; developing Training that is accessible, relatable and practical to workers and employers is our passion. We can aid in reducing the amount and severity of injuries by Training

Our courses ranges from Power Mobile Equipment, Fall Protection, Confined Space, Fire Safety, Ammonia Awareness, Mobile Elevating Platform, SCBA and there is more to come

Our approach is the same from the start, keep the course practical, “entertrainining” and current with provincial legislation and CSA Standards, Canadian. Of course, always keeping our friendly approach.

We hope you enjoy your Saga Experience!

Feel free to contact us at: info@sagatraining.ca Or by phone: 780-612-5159 Toll Free: 877-908-9185