About Us

Saga Universal Training Corp. is an online safety training company with one distinct difference from other training companies…Saga has been in its’ development phase for over 20 years in the mind of its’ founder. For more than 20 years, its’ founder has envisioned safety training extending beyond a traditional classroom setting. By removing the physical constraints of the classroom and utilizing the boundless environment of the internet, the goal of reaching out, connecting with and educating a multitude of workers has been realized.

Saga has created a unique method for teaching safety training. Following the principles of adult education, Saga program content is developed by Subject Matter Experts and is designed to be relatable and easily understood by students. Using current and convenient technology such as a computer or smart device, an individual can take Saga safety training in the comfort of their home; at their workplace or when traveling. For individuals who prefer a traditional classroom setting, Saga has made its’ training programs available to other safety training providers.

We hope you enjoy your Saga Experience!

Feel free to contact us at: info@sagatraining.ca Or by phone: 780-612-5159