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Courses delivery questions:

All Saga course material can be delivered Instructor Led (in the classroom), Blended or Online

It is a course for which students complete the knowledge (theory) part of the course online and then perform a skill assessment (practical) with a Trainer/Skill Assessor.

Certificate questions:

This student completed the theory part of a course only. Note some of our courses, such as Ammonia Awareness and Detection and Control, don’t require a Skill Assessment.

It means the student successfully completed BOTH the knowledge (theory) part of the course AND the skill assessment (practical) required for the course.

If the worker presents a certificate that states “successfully complete the knowledge and skills for XXXX” this means they had an assessment performed in person by a Saga Authorized Trainer/Skill Assessor.

Courses content questions:

Saga Training courses were created to meet Canadian Provincial and Federal Legislation and applicable CSA standards. Courses were built to respond to a variety of industry needs. Saga offers flexible delivery of the knowledge part of the course. Plus, offers hands-on skill assessments (practical time with the equipment). The courses are developed by a team of experienced Trainers, Equipment Operators, Emergency Service Personal, H&S Professionals and Learning Management Experts. The Saga team strives to keep the course content up to date with the latest legislation and changes in the industry.

In Canada, most provinces approve of only certain courses such as First Aid and Abestos worker certification.

Other Safety Courses must meet requirements listed under the Specific jurisdiction and CSA Standards. This includes but is limited to the review of the provincial legislation. Courses that may fall into this category may include; Power Mobile Equipment (Skid steer to Front-end Loader), Lift Truck, Mobile Elevating Work Platform, Confined Spaces, and Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SABA) and Self Container Breathing Apparatus (SCBA.)

In Newfoundland and Ontario, Fall Protection courses require approval from the province.

Yes, courses are designed to meet the requirements of the applicable CSA standards.

ESC and OSSA merged into one entity which is ESC. ESC does not approve third-party courses.

Note many of our Training Partners offer ESC and Saga courses to meet the demands of their clients.  

Many Oil and Gas sites do accept the Saga Knowledge and Skills certificate. Please consult with your employer prior to booking your Saga course.

In 2020, the change to CSA B354 on the Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) allowed for an abbreviated version of Fall Protection training to be used for an operator that would only work while confined to the MEWP platform. If they want to work at height outside of the MEWP platform, they must take a full Fall Protection training.

Skill assessment reinforces your learning and is a step in becoming a competent worker. For more information on competent workers, refer to our blog on certified versus competent.  

Since some employers have a competencies program, we offer certification for the knowledge only or knowledge and skills.

The price listed on the website is for the knowledge part of the course only. If you go to Training Partners, you will find a list of Training Partners near you, and you will have to contact them to get the cost and book your skill assessment.

Yes, Saga will have proof of any student who was issued a certificate for knowledge and skills from a Saga Authorized Trainer.

Frequently asked questions from Students and Employers:

You will have to complete the knowledge (theory) part of the course and complete the quiz with a passing mark of 80%. You get three (3) attempts at each quiz. Then complete the skill assessment (practical). Our Training Partners offer practicals for new operators and skilled operators. Contact our Training Partners to find out which Power Mobile Equipment skills assessment they offer and their fees.

To offer a choice to the workers and employers. We highly recommend completing a skill assessment for the following courses Power Mobile Equipment, Fall Protection, Breathing Apparatus (SABA and SCBA), and Fire Safety. Contact our Training Partners or Saga.

Saga offers a provincial transfer course for the majority of our Power Mobile Equipment and Mobile Elevating Workplateform courses. See Provincial Transfer Course on our website.

Go under the student portal and click on I forgot my password.

Contact the Training Partners where the workers were registered to obtain a copy of the certificates.

If you are unsure where your worker completed their course, contact us at Saga at

For security reasons, you cannot change your name or email. Please send your request to

You didn’t complete the quiz from the previous chapter or you used your three attempts for the quizzes. Contact us at 1-877-908-9185 or we will assist you.
In your student profile, go to the courses you completed under the material beside the lesson. If you do not see a student manual reach out to us at
In your student profile, go to the courses you completed under the material beside the lesson. If you do not see a student manual reach out to us at

The Saga certificates are valid for three years. If you need to renew your certificates contact one of our Training Partners. See the Training Partners tab. They will be happy to assist you. 

Please send your inquiry to or call 1-877-908-9185. We will happily work with your Health and Safety specialists.

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