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What is blended learning?

Blending learning is a combination of online learning with traditional classroom training. The online portion is where you will focus on the theory components of your course. The in-class portion will focus on practicing the skills and apply the theory you learned online.

Are the blended learning courses recognized by Occupational Health & Safety?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the online portion (theory and exam) and the classroom component, you will receive the same three year certification as the traditional classroom training.

How long does the training take?

Blended learning courses takes approximately the same amount of learning time as traditional in-classroom learning. However half of the course is done at home or office at your own pace and other half of the course is done in the classroom with an instructor.

How long do I have to complete a blended learning program?

You have two weeks (14 days) to complete the online portion of the training. Once the online portion is completed you have 4 weeks to complete the classroom portion. If the classroom portion is not completed within 4 weeks you are required to retake the online portion before attending the in-class.

Do I have to complete the online portion before I attend the classroom portion?

Yes. You must present your online knowledge certificate as verification before attending the in-class portion. This certificate can be downloaded and printed or downloaded to a smart device and shown to the instructor or verified over the phone.

How do I register?

Registration can be done online at: Or phone: 780-612-5159