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This full, comprehensive course can be taken online or in a classroom at a “Training Provider” near you.

Course Description

In British Columbia, Work Safe BC (the Workers’ Compensation Board) reports 18 deaths in confined spaces over a 15-year period. Some of the incidents resulted in the death or injury of several workers, including those trying to rescue the first worker in distress. Workers must not enter a confined space until hazards have been identified, workers are trained, and all procedures to eliminate or control the hazards are implemented. A confined space entry program for your workplace will describe what needs to be done before workers can safely enter and work in a confined space.

This course is designed to introduce the learner to the basic concepts, hazards, hazard control processes and safe work procedures associated with confined spaces; it is not a substitute for specific training needed before entering a confined space. WorkSafe BC’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation – Part 9, Confined Spaces, sets out specific requirements that apply to confined space entry.

It is expected that a workplace will apply this information as they create their own company specific confined space entry program.

Course Contents

  • Related legislation
  • General Requirements
  • Responsibilities
  • Hazard Assessment and Work Procedures
  • Identification and Entry Permits
  • Lockout and Control of Harmful Substances
  • Verification and Testing
  • Cleaning, Purging, Venting, Inerting
  • Ventilation
  • Standby Persons
  • Rescue
  • Lifelines, Harnesses and Lifting Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Other Precautions

Course Duration

In-Class Training – Full Day

Online – 3.5 hours (approximately)

Course Completion

The quizzes at the end of each chapter are intended and designed to strengthen your understanding of its contents. A passing mark of 80% is required and you have two retries of each quiz to achieve this. Upon successful completion of this course, a unique digital certificate, valid for three years, will be available to download and print..